Monday, May 14, 2012


It still doesn't seem real. Maybe it's because i'm sitting at work killing time trying to look busy. Maybe its because I haven't been away from home for very long before and it feels like I'll be coming back?

Whether it feels like it or not, in two weeks time I'll be either in a plane from HK to London. Or I'll be landed and rearing to go.

My last minute things to do list is growing and the nights I have avaliable are deminishing. I think about not seeing my family or cats for a year and get sad, I think about the experiences I'm about to embark on and get excited. 

Extened family goodbyes have taken place and now for the 'leaving drinks'. Then eventually the airport goodbyes. All that stands between then and now is stress, sadness, exitement, drunken convos and the stress of packing....


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